Repair and Tune-ups for Your Bike

The Repair Shop

Having an issue with your ride? Our repair shop mechanics will work on anything with wheels and a handlebar, from the department store brand to the high-dollar electric brand. Over 40 years  of continuous service have provided us the opportunity to see and repair all of your bicycle breakdowns, and provide you with quality service and products.


The really cool Bike Repair Shop
The Bike Repair Shop


Minor repairs and flats can often be done on the spot. Tune-ups and other work ]take a little longer, but we will work within your schedule when possible. To inquire about same day repairs, please call ahead 719-634-4915. Note: during busy riding season, service can be sometimes be booked up to 3 weeks out so plan ahead and book as early as you can!


Our famous Bike Tune-up

At Colorado Springs Bike Shop, we take bike repair seriously. Your safety and enjoyment on your bike is very important to us. We believe our Tune-up is the best in the business and a great value, and so do our customers. They travel from all over the region to get their bikes tuned here, and return year after year.

Our bicycle tune-up is an essential service and should be performed at least once a year to keep your bike running smoothly, twice a year if you ride every day or log lots of miles. Over 50 checks and adjustments will be performed to your bike during our tune-up to ensure it rides and looks like new again. 


Here's what your tune-up includes!

General: • Bike wiped down and spot cleaned • Frame checked for damage • Seat post and stem checked for proper insertion depth • Stem, handlebar, seat and accessories checked for mounting security

Steering: • Headset adjusted and secured • Headset checked for evidence of internal damage • Fork inspected for damage and alignment • Handlebars checked for damage, alignment, and security

Brakes: • Brake arms/calipers securely mounted to frame • Brake pads checked for wear • Disc rotors aligned and secure • Cables/hose inspected for damage • Cables lubed • Levers checked for damage, proper alignment and security • Barrel Adjusters set • Brakes precision adjusted to systems specification • Cable stress test • Cable quick release checked for proper operation • Cable ends finished with cap

Test Ride: • Brakes checked for stopping power and squeal • Derailleurs checked for performance, under varying speeds and pedal loads • Chain and cogs checked for skipping under load • Bicycle checked for unusual noises and handling problems • Any re-adjustments completed Note: These concerns may need further attention

Drive Train: • Bottom bracket adjusted and secure in frame • Bottom bracket checked for evidence of internal problems • Crank arms and chain ring bolts secured • Wobbling chain rings aligned • Pedals securely tightened • Chain inspected for wear and damage • Chain

Lubed Wheels: • Hubs adjusted and locknuts secured • Hubs inspected for evidence of bent axles and internal damage • Cassette lock ring checked for security • Rims and spokes inspected for damage • Wheels trued best as allowable • Tires checked for wear and damage, proper mounting and inflation • Wheels securely mounted to bike • Valve caps on air stems

Shifting: • Rear derailleur and hanger checked for alignment, security • Front derailleur checked for proper mounting • Height, angle and security • Derailleur pivots lubed • Cables inspected for damage, rust and excessive friction • Cables attached to derailleurs properly • Cables lubed • Barrel adjusters set • Derailleur limit screws set • Derailleurs precision tuned to insure Iong range of adjustment • Cables pre-stressed • Chain length checked • Cable ends finished with a cap