The Liki Tiki

The Liki Tiki: Smoothies, Root Beer and Refreshments

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Wait a minute? A coffee and smoothie bar at a bike shop? OH YES! That's right. It is our mission and pleasure to serve you, our customers and fellow riders, with healthy and delicious fruit smoothies and fresh brewed hot coffee. We hope to serve nourishment and rejuvenation for your mind, body, spirit and your rockin' ride. We believe that riders deserve to be as healthy as the bicycle underneath them. Riding can be hard on your mind and body, so come in and reward your hard work with a nice cold or hot beverage at the Liki Tiki!

Looking for a great souvenir? Keep an eye on me (Captain Ed) and my treasure trove of merchandise booty. I'll be steerin' and seein' you around the store, matey!
Captain Ed: The TIKI dude
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The Liki Tiki's menu: Making your taste buds crave more!!



Fruit Smoothies and More

Dr Smoothie!
Our Liki Tiki's smoothies are made of 100% crushed fruit and ice. That's it. Sounds delicious and mouth-watering, right? We recommend trying the delicious "Four Berry Blend" or perhaps the crowd favorite: "Pineapple in Paradise". Feeling adventurous? Our signature smoothies like the "Rusty Chain" or the "Key West Getaway" may be just the ropin' getaway you are looking for.
Perhaps today is just that hot summer day  and you're just in the mood for a good, icy, fresh squeezed lemonade. We agree: that sounds amazing. Why not try one of our in-house crafted Bicycleville rootbeers on ice? Mmmmhmm, nice. Especially after that long ride down the Pikes Peak Greenway!

Kona coffee

Our Kona coffee will become
your love the moment you take your first sip!
Try a cup of our signature blend Kona coffee. Always fresh roasted, this blend contains the highest percentage of Kona beans of any other brand out there. Enjoy some while you take a look around the bike store, or sit back and take in the tropical atmosphere of "Bicycleville" and dream of your next bike adventure.

Bicycleville Root Beer

A bold taste to walk the plank for. This rollicking Root Beer is brewed on site here and is worth it's weight in gold doubloon. Bicycleville Root Beer is made in small batches and disappears quicker than an anchor tossed overboard in a typhoon. So belly up to the BicycleVille Tiki Bar and mind your manners matey, you just might score a glass.